About us

Address: Vabaõhumuuseumi tee 1, 13522, Tallinn, Estonia, Fax: +372 766 0185
Paldiski mnt. 96A, Tallinn

MBR METALS OÜ is privatly owned trading company with headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia, engaged in metals and metallurgical raw materials international sourcing and supply within Western and Eastern EU countries, USA, South America and Asia. We strive to maintain the demanding needs of our customers and suppliers by offering quality products, timely delivery, competitive pricing and flexible payment terms.

Our materials are being supplied in accordance with international standards and norms or specifications from sources around the world in a variety of forms and therefore we are well positioned to meet broad array of material’s specifications to keep maximum commitment along with demands of our customers. In modern world of tight competition and narrow profit margins along with trading activities our company is also dealing with consulting in metallurgical materials sourcing, marketing and pricing.
MBR METALS OÜ specializes in:
  • stainless and special steel’s raw materials such as Ni, Sn, FeNi, Noble Ferroalloys, Mn
  • metals and alloys for superalloys / aerospace applications: Co, Cr, Mo, W, Re, NbNi, VAl
  • metals and master alloys for aluminium alloys production (Mg, Mn, alloying tablets, AlBe, etc)
  • rhenium primary and secondary products (Re metal, APR, Re containing residues and scraps, Re master alloys)
  • Rare Earth metals and alloys.